about us

At Next Generation Productions our goal is simple. 'Always provide 3-Q Service.'
The highest Quality, the largest Quantity, as Quickly as possible.

Next Generation Photos has been my photography project for about a decade now, which I transisted into a company around 4 years ago. Next Generation Photos has always been about providing a new type of photography service for the modern era. Next Generation Photos isn't about providing one time event services in niche markets such as weddings, or graduations, or Sr. Photos; but instead building client relations to provide personal photography for all events that are important to my customers lives. Whenever there is a birthday, or family gathering, or christmas photos, weddings, or any memorable; I want to be your go to photographer. By providing the highest Quality photos with the quickest turn around times and the highest quantity of product output I hope to build lasting relationships with families and friends that will go beyond a one time event.

I come from a small family, an only child, and only a few very close friends as a child; I believe this upbringing is what led me to photography, being an outsider looking in. Because of this nature I view each and every event with a photojournalistic aspect, although I have a studio and can pose subjects, I believe the best photos, that show the most humanity are the candid photos, when people are just living their lives. Due to these circumstances Next Generation Photos provides a unique and refreshing twist on traditional event photography and the results that are expected from such.